Chaska Real Estate

    CHASKA – is a city located in Carver County and serves as the county seat, with a total area of 17.77 sq. miles and a population of 23,770 as of the 2010 census. The downtown portion of Chaska lies on the Minnesota River. The name ‘Chaska’ is derived from a Dakota word often given as a name to the first born male child.

    Chaska’s history reflects the influence of the Native American culture as the first inhabitants are believed to be the Mound Builders, whose ancient communities are marked by mounds in the City Square.

    Dozens of modern industries have located to Chaska and continue to do so. Although, the community has seen much growth, development regulations and sound planning have ensured Chaska’s small sense of community and the preservation of its rich heritage.

    Chaska is the birthplace of several well-known products and companies, including Softsoap (the Minnetonka Corp) and Nordic Track.

    Children of Chaska attend public school District 112. Southwest Christian High School is a private high school and is also located in Chaska, along with several other private institutions.