Bloomington Real Estate

    BLOOMINGTON – is the fourth largest city in the State of Minnesota located in Hennepin County. Bloomington sits on the north bank of the Minnesota River, above its confluence with the Mississippi River. Bloomington lies at the heart of the southern metro area, 10 miles south of Minneapolis. The city’s population is 86,319 according to the 2013 census, with a median age of 40 years.

    Bloomington was established as a post-World War II housing boom suburb, and is serviced by 2 major freeways – Interstate 35W and Interstate 494. Bloomington has more jobs per capita than either Minneapolis or St. Paul, due in part to the United States largest shopping center, the Mall of America.

    Bloomington covers 38.42 sq. miles with about 1/3 of the city is permanently reserved for park purposes, including 2 large natural areas – the Minnesota Valley wetlands and Hyland Lake Park Reserve. Bloomington is a major hospitality center with nearly 8000 hotel rooms.

    Independent School District 271 serves the city with 2 high schools, 3 private schools, and 4 Higher education schools.